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Win back valuable time with the FIREFLY PFP App. Effortlessly manage passive fire protection projects, generate reports, track progress, and ensure DTS compliance. Download the app today and focus on what really matters.
Easily Manageable
FIREFLY PFP guides you through the selection process for finding the correct system for your specific wall, floor or ceiling substrate, making it quick and easy to find compliant solutions for your projects.
Fully Tested and Assessed
FIREFLY PFP includes over 23,000 systems that are identified by specific identification numbers for their applications and have reports from NATA accredited testing laboratories. These reports meet NCC2022 and NCC2019, including Amendment 1, for determination of an FRL.
Saves Time
FIREFLY PFP equips you with the necessary tools to quickly locate the desired compliant system. It includes all relevant, regulatory information reports for systems, consolidated within your generated passive fire protection register.

Achieving compliance has never been easier.

The Firefly PFP App provides instant access to 23,000+ FIREFLY tested and assessed NCC Compliant Fire Stopping Systems, and allows you to create projects, add systems, upload photos, and generate reports, ensuring 100% compliant installations for peace of mind.

Made for fire protection professionals in the construction industry.

Filterable system search

Find what you need quickly with complex filtering including substrate orientation, substrate type, MIN FRL and more.

Create unlimited projects

Create a project for audits, design or new installations, and see a snapshot of your projects and their status from a single screen.

Bookmark systems

The ability to mark systems you use frequently as favourites to maximise workflow efficiency.

Document compliance issues

Add UIN Numbers, location, description and photos of the compliance issues on your project.

Add members

Collaborate seamlessly by adding other members to a project.

Generate instant reports

Generate free custom reports for any project either from your construction site or from your office with ease.

Getting Started

1. Download the app
Download the App at the App Store or Google Play.
2. Create your profile
Create your profile within the FIREFLY PFP App to generate your username and password, then access your account at www.tbafirefly.com.au.
3. Sign in
Sign in using your username and password to access 23,000+ tested and assessed systems, reports, project registers and more.