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FIREFLYBatt Steel Protection: Advanced, Simple and Efficient

15 November 2023

This revolutionary solution offers a non-combustible mineral wool batt system that is rigorously tested to AS1530.4 (2014).

FIREFLYBatt Steel Protection is specifically designed for passive fire protection contractors, providing a simple and cost-effective fire protection solution. By eliminating messy sprays and heavy, rigid board systems, it streamlines installation, reduces complications and saves valuable time.

Benefits of FIREFLYBatt Steel Protection

  1. Minimises thermal bridging and reduces sound transfer, enhancing passive fire protection effectiveness
  2. Fast and straightforward installation with the “cut, screw and glue” method, eliminating the need for expensive joinery
  3. No costly spray equipment required, ensuring cost savings for contractors
  4. Lightweight nature for easy installation without compromising fire protection capabilities
  5. Reliable protection for various Section Factors and critical temperatures, ensuring the structural integrity of your steel framework
  6. Free from respirable crystalline silica (RSC), prioritising safety and health for installation professionals

FIREFLY’s commitment to advancing fire protection solutions is evident in our FIREFLYBatt Steel Protection System. Accompanied by a detailed installation guide, it sets a new standard in the industry.

View the installation guide within FIREFLYBatt Steel Protection or contact us today for more information on how FIREFLYBatt Steel Protection can meet your structural fire protec­tion needs.

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