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Maximising Efficiency and Sustainability in Construction Projects with FIREFLY Batt Concrete Protection System

18 June 2024

In a recent analysis of our FIREFLY Batt Concrete Protection System, significant benefits have been identified, revolutionising construction projects across the industry. By incorporating our system, projects can enjoy a range of advantages that not only enhance efficiency but also promote sustainability.

Key Findings
  • Reduction in Member Size Experience a 6-9% decrease in member size, optimizing construction design and structural requirements.
  • Mass of Concrete Reduction Benefit from a 7.7% decrease in the mass of concrete used, leading to lighter constructions and improved load-bearing capabilities.
  • Reinforcement Reduction Achieve up to 28% reduction in reinforcement needs, streamlining construction processes and reducing material expenses.
Implications for Similar Construction Projects
  • Lighter Construction Witness a reduction in footings and other permanent load-related elements, translating to minimized construction costs.
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint Embrace sustainability with a 300,000 kg CO2 reduction in construction emissions.
  • Upgrading/Change of Use for Existing Buildings Address the need for repurposing existing structures, ensuring compliance with fire-resistant requirements and building classification standards.
Potential Benefits of Reduction of Concrete Thickness through Fire Protection

New Construction

  • Save on concrete costs for slabs, columns, and walls with reduced thickness requirements.
    Enhance sustainability with a lower carbon footprint and improved environmental impact.
    Reduce static loads, leading to more efficient structural designs and member sizing.

Change of Use/Retrofit

  • Facilitate seamless transitions in change of use scenarios, such as commercial/office to self-storage or heritage building renovations.
    Meet upgraded fire resistance requirements triggered by changes in building usage, ensuring compliance and safety measures are upheld.

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