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New System Optimisation 3-sided installation

5 March 2024

This system is perfect for any combination of aluminium and copper cables, resembling D1 configuration power cables. It also allows for any ratio of D1 and D2 cables, as long as data/control and power cables are separated if required. When facing AS1530.4 “D1 & D2” requirements for power and data cables running up a wall and penetrating a floor with an FRL -/120/120, our combination of FIREFLYBatt, FIREFFLYMasticHP, and FIREFLY Penowrap is the ideal space-saving, time-saving, and cost-effective solution.

It’s also suitable for V12b for cables running along a ceiling or floor and penetrating a wall with an FRL -/120/120:

Download the information sheet for more details including a simple installation example.

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