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Belinda Lindstrom

Customer Service Manager

Belinda Lindstrom is our star Customer Service Manager, with an extensive career as a professional office all-rounder, showcasing a comprehensive skill set in customer service.

Throughout her career, Belinda has held diverse roles that showcase her versatility and expertise. Most recently, she excelled as the Packhouse Manager, Accounts & Administration Manager, Sales and Administrator, and Inbound Team Leader. These experiences have solidified her strong administration and leadership qualities, allowing her to effectively manage teams and navigate complex customer service environments.

With over 28 years of experience in various administrative roles, including 9 years in FMCG customer service and Team Leader for a national call centre, Belinda brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her position. She is a quick-thinking, organised team player who is committed to providing an exceptional level of expert customer service. Belinda’s conflict resolution skills are exceptional, ensuring that customer satisfaction remains at the forefront of her responsibilities.

Her extensive experience, leadership abilities, and commitment to customer satisfaction make her an invaluable member of our team.