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Ershad Syed

Technical Services Engineer

A highly skilled professional with a passion for fire safety and extensive experience in the construction industry. Holding a master’s degree in engineering, with a specialization in electrical engineering, Ershad has dedicated the past three years to working in the fire industry.

With over 15 years of combined experience in the construction industry, Ershad has held various roles, including site engineer, quality control engineer, auditor, and compliance manager focused on passive fire systems. This diverse background has provided Ershad with a comprehensive understanding of how fire affects different materials and structures.

Driven by a deep curiosity and a desire to further his understanding of fire science, Ershad intends to pursue fire engineering, aiming to enhance fire safety measures within the industry. By leveraging this knowledge, Ershad is dedicated to simplifying the fire stopping process for builders, installers, and certifiers.