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Lesley Mitchell

General Manager

Lesley Mitchell is the accomplished General Manager of FIREFLY, boasting an impressive eight-year tenure with the group. With a deep immersion in both the fire and thermal protection industries, Lesley has honed her expertise as a highly experienced leader.

For the past three years, Lesley has been steering the helm at FIREFLY, overseeing and driving the growth of the company. Her unwavering commitment to constant improvement and fine-tuning of systems and procedures has resulted in significant advancements in product development and innovation. Under her leadership, the team has expanded from 11 to 20 members through effective change management strategies.

Lesley’s unwavering passion for safety is the driving force behind her pursuit of making FIREFLY the premier passive fire protection solutions provider in Australia. Through her strong desire to educate the industry and foster knowledge of passive fire protection, Lesley is dedicated to creating safer built environments for all.

With her exceptional leadership skills, industry expertise, and relentless drive for progress, Lesley Mitchell is an invaluable asset to FIREFLY and the pursuit of its vision.