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Ross Jackson

Special Projects Manager

Ross Jackson is FIREFLY’s exceptional Special Projects Manager, known throughout the industry as the go-to person in the fire stopping field. People naturally gravitate to him for advice and guidance, and he is always willing to refer them to the right resources if needed.

Ross’s journey began in February 1996 within sister company TBA Textiles, where he underwent training at various industrial factories in the UK. His mission was to establish and expand the ANZ ‘industrial thermal product’ business, eventually taking over its management responsibilities. By 1999, Ross was appointed the Managing Director of the Australasian business, starting with only two staff members.

Recognising the limited growth potential of the industrial market, Ross made a strategic shift in 2001 by introducing basic non-combustible and fire stopping products tailored for the construction industry. This shift has since become the company’s focus and propelled its success. Over the course of 20 years, Ross built and led the business, nurturing it into what it is today.

In 2020, Ross transitioned into his current role as Special Projects Manager, a position that allows him to concentrate on his passion for supporting customers, solving complex problems, and developing and testing new solutions. His dedication to customer satisfaction and his unwavering commitment to finding innovative solutions have made him an invaluable asset to FIREFLY and the fire stopping industry as a whole.