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Aluminised Rock Wool

FIREFLY Aluminised Rock Wool is made of inorganic fibres from volcanic rock and minerals bonded together by an organic binder. Its many benefits include a high fibre content, a low shot content, low chloride content as per ASTMC795, it’s safe to use and meets the criteria for bio solubility, has low dust fallout, comprises a high recycled content, it’s non-corrosive and easy to install.

Used as a thermal insulation material for mechanical / power and process equipment, tanks, ducts, vessels and pipe systems. It can also be used for acoustic absorption, personal protection, condensation control and fire protection. It is thermally efficient for condensation control and provides high acoustic insulation in various commercial applications including roofing, partitioning, ductwork and silencer applications. It is ideal for BAL FZ applications as the mineral (rock) wool has a higher temperature resistance than glass wool.

It can be easily cut and formed, and easily installed using welded pins and secured with washers, metal banding or wire. The unsurfaced side should be installed to the hot side of the insulated vessel.

Available in 1.2m x 4m (4.8m²) roll, 50mm thick, weight 60kg per m³.


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