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FIREFLY VapourFlex

FIREFLY VapourFlex Non-Combustible Sarking is an extra heavy duty pliable, vapour permeable, membrane vapour barrier consisting of a layer of woven glass fabric with a hydrophobic surface.

FIREFLY VapourFlex represents a cutting-edge vapour permeable membrane for walls and roofs, fabricated to serve as a pliable, non-combustible barrier in Type A and B fire-resistant constructions, as well as across various construction types where superior passive fire safety, water ingress prevention and vapour permeability is desired. Its advanced hydrophobic treatment blocks liquid water whilst allowing water vapour diffusion within the wall structure.

Constructed with non-combustible Fortaglas weave, it boasts an Extra Heavy Duty strength classification, ensuring resilience against punctures and maintaining ember protection for all BAL zones.

Available in 1250 mm x 50 m, thickness 0.2 mm, 62.5m² per roll, 14.5kg weight per roll.


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