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FIREFLYBatt 2 hour Horizontal Bulkhead/Boxout System for masonry floors

We have tested several services through the vertical element of the double layer FIREFLYBatt boxout system seal, using FIREFLY Penowrap, FIREFLYMasticHP and FIREFLY Fire Collars. This frameless boxout system consists of staggering 2 layers of FIREFLYBatt hung from 2 parallel 50mm x 50mm x 1.5mm galvanised steel angles fixed to fire rated plasterboard ceiling supports.  The maximum external dimension are 600mm x 60mm with infinite length.

Tested services for the boxout system include, metal and plastic pipes, lagged pipes, cable bundles, busducts and mixed services.  Refer to FIREFLY PFP app for more details.

For information reference our Warringtonfire FAS190235 RIR and all services contained within Tables 1, 3, 3a, 3b, 5, 6 8, 8a and 8b may pass through seal ID H24.

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