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FIREFLYBatt Concrete Protection System for standard Cellulosic fire exposure

Our FIREFLYBatt patent pending concrete protection system enables structural engineers to design fire resistant concrete structures with 40% reduction in concrete and maintain structural adequacy under fire due to its superior insulation at high temperatures.

The innovative lightweight FIREFLYBatt system can provide up to 144mm of equivalent thickness of concrete from an insulation perspective over a 4 hour standard fire endurance test.  This means there is the potential to reduce the thickness of concrete slabs and walls in some cases and still maintain the FRP for the concrete structural element.

Benefits for building designers

  1. Tested to AS1530.4 (2014) and compliant with AS3600 for acceptable forms of insulation for increasing Fire Resistance Period
  2. Use for retrofit in “ change of use” e.g. where occupancy type change requires a greater FRL of floors and walls
  3. Lighter structured for new build – 40% reduction in concrete mass to achieve equivalent fire resistance
  4. Thinner floors, saving up to 100mm per floor where an unprotected 250mm concrete floor slab is required
  5. Up to 70% reduction in CO2 emissions for the manufacture of FIREFLYBatt compared to the equivalent required thickness of concrete.

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