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Mass Timber Construction

FIREFLY is a leading provider of passive fire protection for mass timber construction. We have partnered with top industry professionals and completed notable projects, including Macquarie Law School’s Michael Kirby Building, The Bond, 36 Wellington, and Barker College’s Math and Senior Studies Hub. Our expertise lies in providing effective fire protection for the joints and connectors and service penetrations and openings in mass timber construction.

Our solutions, including FIREFLYMastic HP and FIREFLY Penowrap, ensure the structural adequacy of mass timber elements and maintain the Fire Resistance Level (FRL) required. We also offer a range of solutions that provide protection for service penetrations passing through CLT floors and walls, including electrical, communications, mechanical, fire & security, plumbing & hydraulic, and wet fire service penetrations. Our solutions cover a broad range of FRLs, including up to -/120/120, ensuring effective fire protection for service penetrations.

FIREFLY’s tested systems, including FIREFLYBatt, are designed for situations where multiple services need to pass through fire walls or fire-rated floors. Our systems cover a range of large services, including cable trays, pair coil bundles, busducts, and linear seals, achieving an impressive Fire Resistance Level (FRL) of up to -/90/90. Our solutions are NCC 2022 compliant and have undergone testing in accordance with AS1530.4 2014 and assessed based on AS4072.1 2005.

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