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Non-Breathable Non-Combustible Sarking

FIREFLY Non-Breathable Non-Combustible Sarking is an extra heavy duty pliable membrane barrier consisting of a layer of woven glass fabric with aluminium foil laminate.

Sarking type material means a material such as reflective insulation or other flexible membrane type normally used for the purpose of waterproofing, vapour management or thermal reflectance. Designed to be used as a water, Class 2 vapour and reflective barrier in wall applications behind the primary external wall.

With superior tensile strength and tear resistance, it provides a robust barrier to dirt, dust, draughts and wind driven rain. It is suitable for use in bush fire prone areas to provide protection against burning embers.

Available in 1250mm x 50m, thickness 0.2mm, 62.5m² per roll, 14.5kg weight per roll.


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