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Structural Protection

18 June 2024

Experience unbeatable Structural Protection with FIREFLY systems.

Our Concrete Protection System and Structural Steel Protection offer next level solutions to your construction needs, providing numerous advantages over traditional board and encasement methods.

Why choose FIREFLY Systems?

Easy and fast installation with our “Cut, Screw & Glue” method, removing the need for costly specialist joinery.

Lightweight system designed to provide reliable protection for various Structural Factors and critical temperatures.

Cost-Effective with no expensive spray equipment required, ensuring significant cost savings for contractors.

Health-Conscious free from harmful respirable crystalline silica (RCS), promoting the health of installation professionals.

Flexible Application easily applied on-site or in the factory to meet your specific requirements.

Compact with a single layer of FIREFLYBatt measuring just 50mm thick, ensuring efficient space-saving protection.

Ensure the utmost safety and reliability for your projects with our structural protection solutions. Contact us today to discuss the unparalleled benefits for your construction needs.

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