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Unveiling the FIREFLY BAL-FZ Roof System: A global breakthrough in fire safety and condensation control

3 October 2023

FIREFLY, a leading provider of fire safety solutions, proudly introduces the FIREFLY BAL-FZ Roof System with Ventilation—a game-changing innovation in fire-resistant roofing. This system, tested and assessed to AS1530.8.2 (flame zone) standards, is the first to combine ventilation with exceptional fire resistance, revolutionizing the way we address condensation buildup and bushfire resilience.

According to AS3959 (2018), section 9 (BAL-FZ), buildings within 10 meters of classified vegetation in BAL-FZ exposure areas must comply with the rigorous AS1530.8.2 testing method. This involves subjecting a roof to an 842°C furnace while ensuring the interior remains cool and combustible components are protected from ignition.

Traditionally, bushfire professionals have found it challenging to create tightly air-sealed and well-insulated roof spaces capable of withstanding BAL-FZ exposure while allowing for natural ventilation and airflow. However, inadequate ventilation can lead to moisture vapor buildup from daily activities within the home, resulting in rot, mould, and structural deterioration, especially in cooler climates.

The revolutionary FIREFLY BAL-FZ Roof System with AS1530.8.2 tested ventilators solves this problem by providing effective ventilation while offering exceptional BAL-FZ protection. Now, you can enjoy both the benefits of ventilation and the peace of mind knowing your property is well-protected.

Compared to vapor permeability alone, the FIREFLY system’s ventilation approach is orders of magnitude more efficient at removing moisture. Additionally, the system enhances thermal efficiency by allowing excess heat to escape at the roof’s high points while drawing in cooler air from the eaves. This makes it an ideal choice for achieving energy efficiency goals. In a bushfire, the vents automatically close off to prevent ignition within the roof.

An essential component of the FIREFLY system is the lightweight FIREFLY Plus 60, a high-temperature resistant insulating blanket that offers numerous advantages, such as an R-Value of 0.36 for greater energy efficiency and thermal performance compared to gypsum-based systems. At a lightweight of just 2.2 kg.m2, it is easier and more cost-effective to install than solid board systems that weigh over 10 kg.m2. Additionally, it offers a thermal break for steel-framed roofs and can be installed in a wide range of roof pitches and roofing profiles, including metal and tile. Plus, it comes in rolls instead of sheets, reducing off-cuts and waste onsite for an eco-friendlier solution.

Furthermore, the FIREFLY system has passed rigorous AS1530.8.2 testing with other service penetrations, including solid fuel heater flue systems (complying with AS2918), electrical and coaxial cables, and metal sewer vent pipes.

FIREFLY’s commitment to safety and innovation shines through in the development of the tested and assessed BAL-FZ Roof System with Ventilation. By addressing fire protection and condensation buildup, the FIREFLY system sets a new standard in building safety in Australia. Architects, builders, and homeowners can rely on the exceptional performance and compliance with industry standards that the FIREFLY system delivers.

Gavin Williams, Technical Manager

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