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BAL FZ Roof System

FIREFLY BAL FZ roof system with service penetrations is tested to AS1530.8.2 making it suitable for use within and outside of 10m of vegetation.

Our system can be used to protect the roof, fascia’s, eaves, box gutters, valleys and barge elevations.


Easy to install

  • The flexibility of the FIREFLY Plus 60 ensures it can be wrapped around any shape roof with ease.


  • It is approximately 80% lighter in weight than any available board system.

Energy efficiency

  • Up to 10% thermal comfort improvement compared to board systems, with the FIREFLY Plus 60 having a R value of 0.31 making this option ideal for maintaining a constant temperature inside the home. This means you can benefit from a comfortable environment year-round as well as lower heating and cooling costs, and energy savings over time.

Saves waste

  • Efficient use of the fabric and flexible installation methods minimises waste compared to fixed sized boards.


  • The only system to provide a ventilated roof for condensation and mould management. When it comes to maintaining a dry roof, there is no better solution than proper ventilation, as it effectively prevents the accumulation of moisture and ensures optimal dryness for your roofing structure.


  • The only system available to allow for roof penetrations tested to BAL FZ standard, including AS2918 compliant flue, steel sewer vent pipe, electrical cables, coax cables and fire protected vents, all tested to AS15308.2.

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