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FIREFLY Titan Spandrel System

Our FIREFLY Titan Spandrel System is designed for the vertical separation of openings in external walls for Type A & B construction. The system is non-combustible, with an FRL -/60/60. Simply build the FIREFLY Titan Spandrel System the required height to give a total height of 900 mm above the underside of the slab to meet the insulation and integrity requirements of required spandrels.

It is lightweight, with the FIREFLY Titan Fabric weighing only 3.9 kg/m2, and can be installed with ease with most of the construction process able to be carried out both on and off-site. This makes it the perfect solution for retrofit scenarios, minimising disruption to tenants compared to other solutions which are excessively disruptive. With our FIREFLY Titan Spandrel system, you can rest assured that your building meets essential fire safety requirements without compromising on quality or convenience.

Tested in accordance with AS1530.4-2014 and assessed to AS4072.1, refer to Warringtonfire Report FAS190287 RIR.

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