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Safeguarding Hidden Weakness: Fire Stopping Measures for Cast-in Conduits

1 November 2023

Cast-in conduits have become an integral part of modern construction and provide unmatched aesthetics and cost benefits. However, they also pose a unique challenge when it comes to fire-stopping.

Gone are the days of surface-mounted wiring and exposed conduits. With its lightweight properties, superior insulation, excellent resistance against corrosion, durability and cost-effectiveness, PVC conduits have become exceedingly popular over metallic conduits. Embedding PVC conduits within building elements such as slabs, beams and walls maximize space utilisation and enhance aesthetics.

The advancements in technology and the flexibility in modern construction codes have allowed building designers and tradespeople, the freedom to innovate and utilise PVC conduits in ways never seen before. Electricians and plumbers utilise cast-in PVC conduits in various configurations, such as routing service between junction boxes, pull boxes between apartment units and public corridors or between apartment units and metering cupboards. Sometimes this is done by using recess formers (blockouts) instead of pull boxes.

From a Passive fire perspective what we see is the routing of services –

  • Within a fire compartment
  • Between two fire compartments separated by a wall
  • Between two fire compartments separated by a slab

In the event of a fire, the latter two configurations can have an adverse effect on the health and well-being of occupants through smoke spread. It may potentially result in a compartmentation breach, putting their lives and property at risk of fire. This is where FIREFLY comes in. With our high-performing FIREFLY HP mastic, we have tested and successfully protected a range of services to maintain compartmentation and preserve smoke barriers.

To delve deeper into how cast-in PVC conduits perform during a compartment fire, understand the effects of smoke and gases released from burning PVC conduits, and discover FIREFLY’s solutions to mitigate these effects with simplicity and effectiveness, read the full article here.

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