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Updated Core Hole Report: Over 100 new tested systems

5 March 2024

The anticipated update to the FIREFLY Core Hole Report, FAS190236 RIR 1.19, has just been finalised with the inclusion of over 100 new tested systems.

In our summary of changes, you will find a range of new additions, including solutions for Linear Gap Seals, larger CAT5 and CAT6 bundles, larger Annular Gaps for Metal Pipes, 90-Minute Plasterboard Wall systems, and even rare systems achieving an FRL of greater than 120 minutes. These updates ensure we offer comprehensive fire-stopping options to address various requirements and scenarios.

Download the summary today to explore the updated systems.

Note:  Alongside developing new systems, we continuously improve our existing ones to meet the demands faced by the passive fire industry. Looking for a specific system, contact our team or download the FIREFLY PFP app and manage your projects on the fly.

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